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Inspired by the worldwide market, we are the contemporary face of the lighting industry

Based and established in Egypt, Smart Electric is proud to introduce a product that is 69% manufactured and assembled locally at our very own factory; abiding by international standards and ensuring the lowest cost on the market. We lead off with a product that can cope with the rapidly developing industry; as we’ve realized the importance of continually amending our approach to stay relevant in the market, and are committed to just that.


Over the past years We helped in lighting solutions

Smart Electric Lighting Company has played a pivotal role in providing top notch lighting solutions regionally and globally out of Egypt. Today as we celebrate our 25th anniversary, I would like to note that our journey would have not been possible without our experienced and qualified teams and it is what you as our client have valued us for.

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We provide the main part of metropolitan development. With our wide scope of streetlamps, we assure satisfaction..

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Decorating outdoor areas with artesian sensibility. Appropriate for wide spaces such as roads, bridges, gardens…etc.

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Powerful lights utilized to enlighten huge indoor and open air regions. Reasonable for stockrooms, arenas, and fields

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Our line of low voltage lighting products are sure to provide the serene ambient environment for all landscapes and gardens.


What Customers Say

Over 25 years working in specialize in lighting field. Offering a range of products featured by quality, durability and modernity. Allowing customers to choose between a distinctive range of lighting solutions.


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