Dicoration lighting for Areas, Roads, Streets.
Aluminum housing with external & Internal Electrostatic paint.
Shiny lionized Aluminum reflector.
Diffuser made of Glass, Resistant to breakage & high temperature.
Easy maintenance for mounted electric panel components.
Wired & ready for installation.


  Optical compartment tightness level : IP 66 Sealsafe® (*)    
  Control gear tightness level : IP 44 (*)    
  Impact resistance (Glass/PC/pmma) : IK 08(*)    
  Nominal Voltage : 230 V    
  Electrical Insulation class : I (*)    
  Weight ( empty ) : 9.5 kg    


The luminaire is opened via the cover. By loosening a captive screw fixed on the top, access is gained to the control gear as well as the lamp. During maintenance operations, the cover is held in place by a retaining strap.
The control gear is attached to a removable plate. Access to the lamp is easily obtained by simply rotating the plug holder.
Power supply connection is through the top of the base section.