Public lighting luminaire with a Sealsafe® optical compartment for lamps up to 400 W.consisting of a die cast aluminium body and of a painted deep drawn aluminium cover.
Both parts are connected to each other on one side by two hinges and fitted with  a closing system.
The luminaire can be installed laterally or vertically on a 60 mm post . The optical compartment consists of a protector made of smooth curved hardened  glass and of a reflector made of deep drawn polished and anodised aluminium. Protector and reflector are sealed onto the body of the luminaire.
Removable control gear plate.
Standard colour : beige


  Optical compartment tightness level : IP66 Sealsafe® (*)    
  Control gear tightness level : IP 44(*)    
  Aerodynamic resistance ( C×S ) : 0.058 m2    
  Impact resistance (Glass/PC/pmma) : IK 08(**)    
  Electrical Insulation class : I(*)    
  Weight ( empty ) : 4.1 kg